13 febrero 2009

Entrevista al creador de la campaña Whopper sacrifice en Facebook

Aquí pongo el principio pero la entrevista entera no tiene desperdicio.
Sus consejos funcionan para todos, directores de marketing, creativos de agencias, directores de cine (largo y corto) y cualquiera que necesite visibilidad en la red.
clipped from www.emarketer.com
Creating a Whopper of a Viral Campaign
Jeff Benjamin, Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
Jeff Benjamin, the award-winning creator of online viral campaigns such as the “Subservient Chicken” and the recent “Whopper Sacrifice” for Burger King, spoke to eMarketer about how to think virally.

That was the case with the “Whopper Sacrifice” application [a recent campaign for Burger King]. We did do a little bit of a media buy on Facebook, but ultimately it was all about people putting it on their page and creating impressions and sacrificing friends. You’re getting more bang for your buck at the end of the day.

Mr. Benjamin: One big one is that in order to be provocative and get a lot of buzz, you can’t be true to your brand. I think a lot of brands make that mistake. They try to become something else just for the sake of being viral and making something sticky.

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