10 noviembre 2006

Nuevas opciones de negocio a través de Skype

Como siempre el que no corre vuela.
Profesores de piano en Chicago con alumnos en Australia,
Profesores nativos que dan clases de inglés por el mundo...

Todo esto via Skype. Se abren nuevos horizontes y formulas de negocio.

Y cito desde CNN MONEY:

"A former language teacher born in Brazil and schooled in England, Hollands often experienced shortages of fellow teachers. So he tried a few tentative language lessons over Skype, and was delighted to find they worked. He set up his tutorial company, Toniks Languages, in April 2005.

This time Hollands had no trouble with staff shortages: He got 900 applications for 12 virtual tutor positions in less than a week. The tutors, who live around the world, get paid $30 an hour.

If Hollands had to pay conference call fees to set up the group classes, he says, it would cost him $25 an hour and erase his profit. Instead, Toniks is making $40,000 a month."

Pa pensárselo.

A buen entendedor...

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