19 junio 2009

Wired about Open Video Conference

“Everybody has access to low-cost, or even free, tools and software, and open standards allow all devices to be interoperable. It’s also a future where everybody knows how to manipulate video, and where video is freely created, edited, shared, remixed, quoted and archived.

Participation is king and free expression is the norm.

“If we stay on the same course,” Kamdar said, “we risk a future of television 2.0. We’re already seeing Hulu getting more popular, and while it’s cool to watch shows and movies on demand, we want internet video to be more dynamic and participatory. We’ve also seen the rise of YouTube, which is a great first step, but videos should be everywhere, not simply delivered from one website. By continuing down this path, we’re still allowing the current powers that be, rather than the people, [to] determine how culture is made and shared.”

Open Video Alliance’s media coordinator Adi Kamdar

Citado desde Wired.

Con compañeros de utopía como estos, nos sentimos muy bien acompañados.

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