26 noviembre 2008

Mobile Applications desde Japón with love

Vaya presentación más peculiar, la de Iguchi!
La que nos espera!
Estamos empezamos por el mundo del marketing, pero llegaremos rápido al mundo de la narrativa interactiva a través de estas mismas aplicaciones.
Parece claro que el Movil Film Fest tendrá un futuro muy "interactivo" y me muero de ganas de ver por donde irá la narrativa audiovisual a través de este nuevo media.

clipped from www.techcrunch.com
Tonchidot Madness: The Video

The original video portion of the demo has been watched more than 108,000 times on YouTube.  But I’ve embedded the entire demo above, including the follow-up Q&A.  The entire video is 17 minutes long and takes about a minute to get started, but it is captures how Iguchi had the audience, and even the skeptical judges, eating out of his hand, despite a limited grasp of English.   The Q&A starts about 8 minutes in.  Iguchi was particularly adept at exasperating judge Tim O’Reilly.  There is also a shorter edited video on YouTube of the judges’ Q&A with subtitles (embedded below).  Anyone doing a demo can learn from this: keep your answers short, don’t drown in details, explain how you will change the world.

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