11 septiembre 2008

Diferentes resultados de una campaña de Wendy en MySpace y Youtube

La misma campaña es un éxito rotundo en MySpace y es considerable un fracaso en YouTube.

Realmente esto de las campañas virales es un tema delicado.
clipped from adage.com

Wendy's Takes First Stab at Viral Video With 'Crazy Lettuce'

But Baconator Film Gets Mixed Reviews on MySpace, YouTube

In the viral video 'Crazy Lettuce,' a head of lettuce devours a Baconator sandwich.
CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- When it comes to fast-feeders, the quirky viral video has largely been the domain of Burger King. But square-burger marketer Wendy's is trying to get the buzz headed its way with a new video called "Crazy Lettuce."
Anti-marketing demographic

It could be a matter of audience. Jeff Taylor, a 23-year-old who blogs at MillennialMarketer.com, said he doesn't think the video will track with Gen Y. He noted that it has yet to have any imitators, a key indicator of success. Another thing that could work against it: The finicky demographic hates to be marketed to, and on YouTube, the film is prominently flagged as a viral video for Wendy's.

"They don't appreciate campaigns that are overtly 'We're trying to get you to share this video,'" said Mr. Taylor. "They'll kind of push back if they decide the campaign is supposed to be viral from the start."
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