22 noviembre 2005

5 estupidas preguntas antes y después

Try Asking These Five Questions
You know those job-interview questions you despise? Fear not, that
battery of queries can be refashioned, with wit and a smile, into
clever conversation starters when other techniques fail to get the
chatter cooking:

Old: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"
New: "What are some of your crazy dreams and lottery-winning fantasies?"

Old: "What are your strengths?"
New: "After quitting time, which passions and pursuits keep you out
late? How do you relax on the weekends?"

Old: "Why did you apply for this job?"
New: "Before we both went for the same dryer at the Laundromat, who
who first?"

Old: "How did you hear about our company?"
New: "I'm glad Tia and Gino played matchmaker. What was it they said
that piqued your interest?"

Old: "I've told you everything you need to know. Do you have any more
New: "Well, I've admitted I am a tennis fanatic and amateur painter
who occasionally blows extra cash at the dog track. Now that you know
my secrets, what's one of yours?" Few women can resist offering up a
confession of their own under those circumstances.

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